Welcome to Single Wide Style!

Where do I begin? I come from a long line of pickers and collectors in a variety of arenas (literally)! From horses, cattle, tractors and antiques, the love of collecting runs wild in my family roots. I, myself, enjoy collecting cool vintage western pieces and keeping the history of agriculture and the cowboy lifestyle alive! 

When did it start you ask? When I was a kid my mom started me off with a ceramic horse collection. That is the first collection I can recall. Over the years it’s evolved into many more including vintage livestock, Roy Rogers, and western advertising to name a few! Picking is one of my favorite hobbies. I love the thrill of the hunt. I learn something new on each pick about the past and meet some very interesting people! And I love to see the joy my pieces bring others when I place them in new homes and how my customers style their purchases.

Why Single Wide Style? I guess you could say, “Single Wide Style” officially came to life in 2019 when we still lived in our single wide trailer house. The local antique shop closed in town. The owners were giving me so many pieces at a reasonable price to clean out the building and I can’t turn down a good deal! Let’s just say my husband was not thrilled when I came home each day with another box. I had accumulated so many cool pieces in total over the years and was running out of room to store them. That’s when I knew I had to start offering pieces for sale. I intended to haul my vintage to “pop up” events. In 2019, I attended my first (and only) show which was so much fun! However, my husband and I agreed that traveling to events didn’t fit our ag lifestyle and full-time career schedules. My sister finally pushed me to explore online selling. In early 2020, after many hours of research and planning, came to life!

I felt in my gut there had to be a likeminded community of vintage livestock and western lovers who would also appreciate my finds. I can’t thank those of you enough who purchased from me in the beginning or gave me the confidence to keep at it! 

Shortly after the website took off, we unexpectedly had the opportunity to build our current home after ten years of living in the single wide. I will always be grateful for those gritty years of single wide living. Living in the trailer house allowed us to save up to build. I continue to feature home styling inspiration on my Instagram and TikTok pages along with my vintage western collections and pieces currently for sale.

Thank you for stopping by my site and holler if you have any questions! I hope you find some nostalgia in the collections and find one (or more) pieces to take home!